Monthly Archives: September 2013

LCFF creates new agency to work with local districts on improvements, goals

The purpose of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence is to “advise and assist” school districts and charter schools in achieving the goals of their annual accountability plans that the new LCFF school funding law requires. The collaborative is also charged with helping to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in a district or school.

Teacher, two superintendents to hold key positions on funding law’s new agency

Parcel taxes: a lower voting threshold may not bridge funding inequalities

The state legislature is considering a lower passage threshold for the parcel tax, which is one of only a few local revenue-raising options for California school districts. A lower threshold would increase the passage rate, but would it encourage a greater number of districts to put parcel taxes on the ballot? This report contextualizes the proposal and assesses its potential impact on school funding.

PPIC Report: Parcel Taxes for Education in California