Monthly Archives: November 2013

LAO releases fiscal outlook report: Forecasting $8 billion in additional funds for education

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has released their Fiscal Outlook report today.  The report forecasts general fund revenues and expenditures through fiscal year 2019-20.

The report includes a fiscal forecast for Proposition 98. The report can be read online or downloaded in PDF form at the following link:

LAO’s Prop 98 Fiscal Outlook Report

Legislators ask State Board to remember foster youth in LCAP deliberations

Senate and Assembly leaders send letters to State Board of Education highlighting the needs of California’s foster youth. The State Board is currently reviewing guidelines for districts to use for developing their own Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP).

Lawmakers urge State Board to ensure foster youth receive fair share of LCFF dollars

Read WestEd’s recent report on the academic outcomes of California children in foster care here:The Invisible Achievement Gap. The report documents that foster youth fare worse in many measures than other at-risk students.