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LAO Analyze Education Mandates

The California Constitution requires the state to reimburse local governments for new programs or higher levels of service the state imposes on them.The state has recently created two alternative reimbursement systems for state mandates, Reasonable Reimbursement Methodology(RPM) in 2004 and Education Mandates Block Grants in year 12-13. The LAO recommends repealing RPM and using the Block Grants for education mandate reimbursement. Block grants are easily adjustable in the legislature and are based on student Average Daily Attendance(ADA) as compared to the RPM where calculation of funds are determined by the Commission on State Mandates and alterations to the calculations must be decided in litigation.

Analysis of Education Mandates

LAO reviews California School Transportation

The LAO releases a review California’s drastically underfunded School Transportation program. In their report are three recommended solutions. The first solution advises funding the program within the LCFF. Another solutions includes funding drastically underfunded programs. The final proposed solution is a bond-based program where state pays a portion of transportation costs in every district.

Review of School and Transportation in California