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High school graduation rate in California jumps above 80 percent

The high school graduation rate of the class of 2013 increased 1.3 percentage points than last years high school class. The data’s ethnic demographics shows a closing achievement gap as, the graduation rate of Latino and African-American students increased faster than white and Asian-American students.

 California high school graduation rate tops 80 percent

Survey results in: Californias support Common Core and the LCFF

The Public Policy Institute of California surveyed 1702 adults, after a short briefing on common core 69 percent of them said they were in “favor” of the new curriculum. The survey also showed a 20 percent rise from last year in the overall amount of parents who claim to know “at least a little about common core.”

EdSource: Survey finds Californians back both Common Core and new funding formula
PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Education