February 2016 SBE Information Memoranda on Accountability and Continuous Improvement (

Here is the list of Feb 2016 memos on accountability which will be reviewed at the March State Board of Education(SBE) meeting. The state has yet to complete a state wide accountability system since the Local Control Funding Formula education reforms. With the passage of the Federal ESSA legislation, the state must create a state wide accountability system to comply with the Federal Standards.The memos contain information on the state accountability  system and ESSA proposals. Please let us know if you have any issues with the links or retrieving the documents.

In preparation for the March 2016 SBE Item on Accountability, please review the following February 2016 Information Memoranda:


Title File Name/Link
1 Update on Developing California’s New Accountability System, Including a Revised Timeline for the Proposed Transition to the New Accountability and Continuous Improvement System  (memo-sbe-feb16item01)


Select Terminology and Definition of Terms for the New Accountability and Continuous Improvement System (memo-sbe-feb16item02)



California’s Emerging Accountability System: Potential Architecture of a Single, Coherent System  (memo-sbe-feb16item03)


Developing a New State Accountability and Continuous Improvement System: Graduation Rate Analysis (memo-sbe-feb16item04)



Potential “Key Indicators” for the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics: Options that Meet the Criteria for Metric Selection and the Statutory Requirements of LCFF and ESSA  (memo-sbe-feb16item05)


Developing a New State Accountability System: Overview of Possible Student-Growth Models to Communicate Smarter Balanced Results. (memo-amard-feb16item01)


Developing a New Accountability System: An Overview of Potential College and Career Indicators (memo-amard-feb16item02)

Please note: the memos are posted in a different order on the SBE Web Page.

EdSource has created a interactive guide to the Local Control Funding Formula. The guide contains an explanation of the formula, a comparison tool for district by district funding as a result of the formula, a state comparison tool, and a short history of California school finance reform.

The guide can be found here: EdSource: Local Control Funding Formula Guide